Tibetan Shaman Tour

has over 10 years experience leading and organizing tours into Tibet capital of Lhasa, Kham, Amdo, Mt. Kailash and China. We have registered companies in both Nepal and Tibet.


We are 100% Tibetan Owned and Operated. All guides are local Tibetan people and come from all regions of Tibet. We live here and know the land, the geography, the culture and the people. We have explored every corner of Tibet and can help you build your custom tour.


Normally, our tour groups have no fewer than 4 people but we can operate any trips starting from even 1 person. If you give us a few simple ideas, we can have your trip tailor-made based on your interests and timeframe.

Booking over the Internet through the inquiry form is recommended. Additional itineraries and further requirements will be provided after initial contact. For a complete list of fees and a list of what is included and not included, please provide detailed requirements for travel and the destinations of interest.

Foreign travelers are not allowed to travel independently in Tibet according to the policy of the government of China. Your visit must be arranged by a travel agency whether you travel in a group or individually.


Tibetan Shaman Tour is a full service tour operator, with a Chinese government-issued license to operate in Tibet.


We would love to help you plan your perfect trip to Tibet.